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Making Consumer Protection Regulation More Customer-Centric

Addressing demands from emerging market authorities to help them move toward a more customer-centric approach

Strengthening the Effectiveness of Uganda’s Consumer Protection Framework

An assessment of credit cost disclosures

A Customer-Centric Approach to Measuring Financial Needs

Key findings from a series of country-level pilot studies

Making Data Work for the Poor

With the rise of digital technologies, the use of personal data by private companies is growing rapidly. But how do we know they will use this data responsibly and in consumers’ best interests?

Case study

A Client Needs-Centred Approach to Financial Inclusion Measurement

Understanding how and why customers use different types of financial services

Risk-Based Customer Due Diligence: Regulatory Approaches

Weighing the pros and cons of risk-based approaches to customer due diligence

Handbook on Consumer Protection for Inclusive Finance

A practical resource for regulators and policymakers on consumer financial protection

Did You See My Tweet? Monitoring Financial Consumer Protection via Social Media

A new channel to measure consumer experience and keep providers accountable

A Customer Centric Lens for Good Agricultural Practices

Tailoring products and services to the specific needs of smallholder farmers

Promoting Responsible Finance and Sustainability in Azerbaijan

This learning brief provides an overview of the key players in the Azerbaijan microfinance sector, followed by more detail on the approaches used by Azerbaijan micro-finance Association (AMFA) to build its sustainability and credibility in the sector.