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Engaging HR Leaders in Digital Learning: A Market Scan

Identifying market gaps for digital learning services which meet the needs of HR professionals


Digital and E-learning Solutions for Financial Services Providers in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Overview

Identifying the capacity building needs of financial service providers

Loan Officers’ Voices: Perspectives and Lessons from the Foot Soldiers

Highlighting the human capital component that is essential for a microfinance provider

Effective Codes of Conduct: A Guide for Microfinance Associations

Seven-step process to develop, implement and maintain a Code of Conduct
Case study

Loan Officers and Clients’ Over-Indebtedness Prevention: The Case of Banco Adopem

Examining the potential roles of loan officers in preventing over-indebtedness
Case study

Local Training Providers for Microinsurance Capacity Building

Lessons learned on developing high-quality and sustainable microinsurance training
Case study

ADRA Peru: Recruiting and Selecting Mission-Driven Staff

Social performance management case study on employee commitment to social goals
Case study

Visión Banco: Creating a Comprehensive Staff Training Program

Case study on Paraguayan bank's implementation of social performance standards

Report of Human Resource Management in Microfinance Institutions: The State of Practice

Identifying human resource management challenges in the Indian microfinance sector

Facilitating the Market for Capacity Building Services

Discussing the market for capacity building of financial service providers