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Learning Brief: VSLA and CARE Adaptations to COVID-19 and Past Crises

Examples and experiences of mitigating measures to lessen the impact and adapt during the pandemic

How to Improve Liquidity Management for Agents Serving Small Informal Groups and Savers

A 'how-to' note explaining the importance of agent liquidity management

Savings Groups and COVID-19

A set of recommendations to guide the work of Savings Groups during this global pandemic

Getting Closer

Expanding outreach and increasing usage through better placement of touchpoints

Zooming in on Informal Savings Mechanisms in Zambia

Key findings from a qualitative research on users of informal savings

Moving Proximity From Critical Issue to Addressable Challenge

Possible approaches and tools

How to Achieve the American Dream on an Immigrant's Income

Collection of case studies shedding light on how informal savings circles work in the United States
Case study

Lessons from the Solomon Islands: Innovating with Pensions for the Informal Sector

Case study of a micropension product pilot

Savings and Retail Banking in Africa: Results from 2018 WSBI Member Bank Survey

Data from 24 financial institutions in 20 countries show a persistent "affordability gap"