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The Microfinance Industry Needs an Infrastructure Fix: Summary of Findings and Recommendations

An investigation of the information infrastructure needed to support the sector

2014 Microfinance Americas: The Top 100

The annual ranking of the leading microfinance institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Role of Microfinance Ratings in the Sustainable Development of China’s Financial Inclusion Sector

Exploring the use of ratings for enhancing access to finance in China

India’s 25 Leading MFIs

Understanding the importance of securitization for MFIs

Microfinance Ratings Market Assessment

Discussing the MFI ratings sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Progress Out of Poverty Index: A Detailed Analysis of MFI Implementation

Providing recommendations to MFIs based on a review of the Progress Out of Poverty Index

A New Index of the Business Environment for Microfinance

Studying an index that assesses the business environment for the microfinance industry
Case study

Promoting Empowerment of Women and Gender Equality through Integrated Microfinance, Value-Chain Support and Gender Capacity Building

Evaluating a microfinance cooperative’s efforts in advancing gender equality

Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs): Does Existing Practice Imply a Social Objective?

Evaluating MFIs' success in fulfilling their mission of social performance

2013 Microfinance Americas: The Top 100

Examining the performance of MFIs in Latin America and the Caribbean