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Risks to Microfinance in Pakistan: Findings from a Risk Assessment Survey - 2014

Identifying and ranking risks faced by the microfinance sector in Pakistan

Monitoring Individual Repayment in Group Guarantee Mechanism

Developing a tool for tracking group guarantees at individual level

Situating Microinsurance in Social Protection: Lessons from Six Countries

Enhancing social protection through microinsurance

Nuts and Bolts of Microfinance: Risk Management - Examples and Tools

Presenting guidelines for effective risk management in microfinance operations

Risk Management for MFIs – I

How do MFIs identify and prioritize the risks they face?

Microfinance and Risk Management for Poor in India

Improving farm efficiency through microfinancing

The Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Crisis in India: Manifestation, Causal Analysis, and Regulatory Response

Discussing the microfinance crisis in Andhra Pradesh, India
Case study

Returning to Kolar: A Case Study on the Kolar Crisis-Affected Communities

Examining factors that led to mass defaults in Karnataka, India