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Financial Inclusion Story of Ride-Hailing: Stories from Gojek and Grab Drivers in Indonesia

Highlights from interviews with six ride hailing drivers their relationships with ride-hailing companies

The slide deck is a supplement to the official CGAP Blog "Ride-Hailing Drivers in Indonesia Discuss Livelihoods, COVID-19" (July 2020).

In March 2020, CGAP conducted in-depth interviews with six ride hailing drivers to better understand their financial lives. Drivers spoke about their relationships with ride-hailing companies, whether and how these relationships led them to engage with digital financial services, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their work. This slide deck contains highlights from the interviews.


This work was funded in whole or in part by CGAP. Unlike CGAP's official publications, it has not been peer reviewed or edited by CGAP, and any conclusions or viewpoints expressed are those of the authors, and they may or may not reflect the views of CGAP staff.

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By Bido Budiman