Brett Matthews, My Oral Village

FINEQUITY - What does your organization do and how does it relate to women’s financial inclusion.

BRETT MATTHEWS - My Oral Village is trying to redesign the retail interfaces of financial inclusion – including the digital services – to make them usable for illiterate and innumerate adults. Currently, many of these people can access such interfaces, for example by giving their PIN number to a family member and having them do it. But they can’t use them without help.

Catalyzing Women-Focused FinTech / Webinar Recording

Submitted by finequity_cgap on 31 March 2020


The growth of FinTech and the stagnancy of the gender gap in financial inclusion has brought about new and creative approaches to using technology to improve women’s access to financial services. We’re also seeing more financial and technical support being offered to FinTechs to focus on this subject. In this webinar, we talk to two organizations - DFS Lab and UNCDF - who have recently organized competitions around women-focused FinTech, and discuss the sustainability, expectation and stimulus of such initiatives. 


Digitize, Direct, Design (D3): Can These Three Principles Help Close the Gender Gap?

Around the world, increasing numbers of people are gaining access to bank accounts and other formal financial services. 515 million more people had access in 2017 than three years before, according to Global Findex. The population excluded from the formal financial sector fell by a third from 2011 to 2017: from 2.5 billion to 1.7 billion in just six years.

Three Steps for Closing India’s Gender Gap in Digital Financial Services

Last month, Sarita took one step closer to financial independence: she learned how to use digital financial products at a training session in her district of Nagpur in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Though she owned a basic mobile phone, she had never used it for a financial transaction. But with the nearest bank 10 kilometers away from her village, and no easy way to get there, Sarita was excited by the idea of using digital services to bank right from her doorstep. She was also circumspect. “I don’t have a smartphone and don’t know how to operate one.