2020 SEEP Annual Conference

SEEP's flagship event, the SEEP Annual Conference gathers leading global thinkers and doers, at the forefront of economic inclusion and social empowerment efforts across the world. The SEEP Annual Conference is a unique forum where the SEEP community debates bold ideas, learn openly from their failures, and challenge their own assumptions to build the next generation of development solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the social and economic upheaval it has caused, has resulted in deep uncertainty and has accelerated SEEP's own journey of becoming a more agile network and team. The 2020 conference theme, Disruptive Collaboration: navigating a radically uncertain world, embodies this discomfort. This year’s approach is co-creation – crowd-sourced and peer-supported – all of it to unlearn, learn, and take collective action. Together with the Conference Experience Committee and through member-crafted Learning Spaces, SEEP is designing provocative learning experiences that will spark thinking and beckon participants to question, debate, and collaborate.

The conference agenda will be powered by four technical streams:

The vision behind the event is to have hundreds of practitioners from around the world engaged in collaborative and pragmatic learning to push the frontiers of inclusive development, reaching more diverse audiences, especially the powerful voices of those working on the frontlines.

About this event