25th MFC Annual Conference: Thriving Together

Join more than 500 professional from over 40 countries for Microfinance Centre's (MFC) milestone anniversary event for a chance to reflect on the achievements of the Centre and its members. The event will examine how the collective experiences and lessons learned will equip MFC and its members to meet the challenges of the next 25 years related to climate change, technological challenges, uncertain future of work, political conflict, and global insecurity.

This Jubilee event will encourage the Centre to envision its role in mitigating these challenges and creating sustainable ways of doing business. It will examine how the changing relationship with the concept of work will affect the microenterprise sector and how the immediate needs of small businesses can be balanced with the need to future-proof them. The conference program will also address the role of social investment and patient capital in helping companies and communities to thrive.

About this event

Budva, Montenegro