26th MFC Annual Conference: Embracing Diversity for Inclusive Finance

Diversity is not only a reality, but also a necessity for microfinance in the 21st century. As the world faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change, migration, digitalization, geopolitical shifts and the rise in inequalities, microfinance has a vital role to play in supporting the resilience and empowerment of diverse and vulnerable communities and populations. Diversity also encompasses a variety of ideas, approaches, and contexts. The conference aims to engage participants from this multifaceted perspective, fostering rich discussions on various approaches to financial and social inclusion.

Join the Event to:

  • Connect with industry leaders and forge valuable partnerships.
  • Discover how microfinance empowers diverse communities.
  • Engage in discussions aligned with the European Year of Skills initiative.
  • Attend insightful sessions and actively contribute to shaping the future of microfinance.

About this event

Cracow, Poland
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