8th European Research Conference on Microfinance

Since it was created by CERMi in 2009, the European Research Conference on Microfinance is a special bi-annual opportunity for researchers, students and professionals all over the world to come together in order to share and discuss about their latest advances in microfinance. The theme of the conference in 2024 is "Microfinance and Transition: Exploring Pathways for Economic, Social, and Environmental Transformations."

The conference will delve into the role of microfinance in driving comprehensive transitions across economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Through rigorous research presentations and insightful discussions, the event participants will investigate the impact of microfinance on economic transformation, exploring its contribution to poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship, and inclusive growth; examine the social implications of microfinance, including its role in promoting financial inclusion, social empowerment, and reducing inequality within communities; and explore the potential of microfinance in fostering environmental sustainability, analyzing its support for green initiatives, climate resilience, and sustainable livelihood practices.