Agriculture, Banking, and the Digital Economy Merge to Improve South African Agriculture

Resource from the Agriculture Finance Support Facility (AgriFin)

This webinar recording is part of AgriFin webinar series for agricultural finance practitioners.

A major obstacle facing the continent is identifying the best methods for utilizing innovative technologies affordably, and that are flexible in meeting the diverse requirements of Africa's vast agrilcultural sectors. E-agriculture offers a wide range of solutions to agricultural challenges.

The presentation argues for modernization of the agriculture sector through digitization of farming activities and the crop production cycle. Storing the data on accessible platforms and sharing it may lead to increases in farmer knowledge and skills. More digital records could be beneficial to financial institutions who use it to create unique agriculture client profiles. User experience results of agriculturalists and industries who have adopted Vodacom's Connected Farmer Platform, which uses e-Voucher management to track key points in the agriculture value chain are discussed. Details regarding how e-agriculture has the power to transform Africa's economy are highlighted during the webinar Question & Answer session.


Vuyani Jarana
, Chief Officer of Vodacom Business



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