Building an EU Dataset of Digital & Sustainable Practices From Inclusive Finance Organizations

During this 1-hour webinar, the team from Strengthening Financial Inclusion through Digitalization in Europe (SFIDE) will discuss the results of their first analysis of 12 innovative inclusive finance organization operating in Europe. This session will also feature interventions from practitioners who will share their experiences on how to use digital tools while maintaining an inclusive approach.

The objective of the SFIDE project is to build a large EU dataset that can inform inclusive finance stakeholders on the risks & opportunities of digitalization and highlight the need for new policies. 


  • Nicola Benaglio, Senior Research Officer, EMN
  • Michel Ehrenhard, Associate Professor, University of Twente (Principal Investigator, SFIDE)
  • Massimo Preziuso, Assistant Professor, University of Twente (Researcher, SFIDE)
  • Claudia Longo, International Project Officer, Adie (France)
  • Buddy Payment (Netherlands)

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