FinEquity Webinar

Challenging the Myths around Women's Financial Inclusion

A look at some of the most common myths around women’s digital financial inclusion and the often-changing reality behind them.
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During this webinar we looked at some of the most common myths around women’s digital financial inclusion and the often-changing reality behind them. The webinar was designed to test assumptions, highlight the enormous contextual difference and nuance that exists across half of the world’s population, and consider the perils of stereotyping or painting this population with a broad-brush when it comes to access and use of financial services. We also discussed existing tools and experiences to minimize myth and maximize data. 

This webinar was part of Financial Inclusion Week.

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Digital Financial Services, Financial Literacy, Human Centered Design (HCD)
Jaclyn Berfond

Jaclyn Berfond

Women's World Banking

Jaclyn Berfond leads M&E for Women’s World Banking, developing measurement systems and processes, monitoring program performance, and conducting evaluations of program outcomes. Prior to joining WWB, Jaclyn was a Research Associate at the Council on Foreign Relations. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics from Boston University and an International Organizations MBA from the University of Geneva.

Shelley Spencer

Shelley Spencer

Strategic Impact Advisors

Shelley Spencer is the CEO of Strategic Impact Advisors, a digital financial services consulting firm. Previously, she led the payment innovation practice for NetHope, a global consortium of nearly 60 of the world’s leading nonprofits, using digital transformation to affect larger-scale impact. Shelley received her law degree from Georgetown and a B.A. in Economics from Baldwin-Wallace University in Ohio. 

Katie Highet

Katie Highet


Katie Highet leads the technology working group at FinEquity. Prior to this role, she worked with the GSMA Connected Women program and FHI 360, focusing on digital inclusion activities, including DFS, digital literacy and gender equality. Katie has also consulted for several digital development partners in the public and private sector including IREX, Mozilla and Souktel.