Climate Change and WASH Webinar Series: COP28 in Context: Insights on WASH Financing

The e-MFP WASH Action Group is excited to continue its Climate Change and WASH webinar series, this time featuring a post-COP28 ‘stocktake’ on the Conference’s implications for WASH financing. UNICEF’s Mr. Jorge Alvarez-Sala, a career-WASH specialist, will outline what COP28 means for WASH financing broadly, as well as UNICEF’s WASH financing projects. To complement this, Dr. Max Wengawenga, Deputy Director of Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Water and Sanitation in Malawi, will talk about Malawi’s Climate Resilient WASH Financing Strategy, designed and implemented together with UNICEF. Dr. Mónica A. Altamirano de Jong,  Director of Climate Impact at WaterEquity, will moderate the conversation.

The case study on Malawi will help identify the challenges, nuances, and areas of potential in the WASH financing framework. There will be ample time for discussion and Q&A, for such a timely and evolving topic.

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