Community-Managed Microfinance and Savings Groups Digitization

The community-managed microfinance and savings groups digitization online course focuses on savings groups operations, understanding how technology supports the concept of digital savings groups and finally, how to develop and manage linkages between savings groups and financial institutions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Expose participants to the methodological approaches and training strategies employed by the major implementing NGOs in promoting financial inclusion through savings groups.
  2. Understand the integration of savings groups in the context of livelihoods/economic strengthening programming including ultra-poor poverty graduation models.
  3. Introduce participants to the concept of linkage banking for savings groups —a demand-side and supply-side perspective.
  4. A deep-dive into the concept of digital savings groups (DSGs) and digitizing savings group operations.
  5. Understanding the opportunities that savings groups present at the last-mile for companies and financial institutions e.g. banks, fintechs, social enterprises involved in distributing solar, energy saving stoves, water tanks etc.).

Course Delivery: Online asynchronous (learn-at-your-own-pace-in-your-own-space).

Target Audience: Practitioners and professionals working in NGOs, financial institutions, government departments, regulatory bodies, individuals seeking a career shift/upgrade.

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