Digital Savings Groups for Scale, Sustainability and Impact

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14 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019

TIME: 9:00 AM EST. See in my time zone>>

One of the most promising areas of innovation related to Savings Groups is the emergence of applications that digitize group procedures, transactions and records – collectively referred to as "Digital Savings Groups." Examples of existing technologies for Digital Savings Groups include AKF’s Digital Savings Groups, BezoMoney, Chomoka, DreamSave, EcoCash Savings Clubs, Eshakti, Finlok, GWIZA, Khusa App, MaTontine, Maximus, M-KOBA, Trusted Lending Circles, and SAVE.

Digital Savings Groups automate procedures, increasing groups transparency and efficiency. The integration of electronic payments, digital records and a centralized credit score can serve as a runway for bank linkages – and expand access to markets and non-financial services. Decreased training and supervision requirements also increase the viability of low-cost group mobilization by market actors as well as the potential to scale up Savings Groups.

Despite the potential of Digital Savings Groups to increase the scale, impact and sustainability of the sector, current offerings are not easily accessible to potential users the ability of technology service providers to reach potential users is limited and a lack of understanding of the potential benefits, requirements and risks associated with specific technologies restricts their effective adoption.

This webinar will introduce participants to key concepts related to Digital Savings Groups, provide a market overview of current offerings, and explore three Digital Savings Group solutions: Chomoka (CARE International), Maximus (Emergent Payments Ghana) and SAVE (Exuus).


  • David Panetta, Program Director, Savings Groups, The SEEP Network.


  • Karen Vandergaag, Financial Inclusion Analyst, CARE International.
  • Saqib Nazir, Managing Director, Africa, Emergent Payments.
  • Shema Steve, Chief Executive Officer, Exuus.
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[email protected]