EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar - Leading Change in Volatile Times

Now, more than ever, managers and their teams are faced with completely new situations and change processes. They are challenged to deal confidently with those changes, while at the same time their employees are looking for guidance and want to be involved.

In this webinar series, you will learn how to lead yourself and your team through change processes. You will get the tools of the trade on how to ensure safety and security for your team. Being able to provide clarity in unknown situations and with new challenges. Developing a convincing communication behavior and integrate the success factors of the change management in your leadership work.

The introduction will be followed by an in-depth workshop in smaller groups. Two dates are available for the second session, you will be asked to indicate your preference in the registration form of the first session

As the number of places is limited for the second part, the EaSI Technical Assistance team reserves the right to give priority to microfinance practitioners.

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