EMN Annual Conference 2020

In the early months of 2020, the world responded to a threat of unprecedented magnitude. The lockdown measures established around the world to contain the propagation of the COVID19 pandemic have meant adapting to a “new normal” almost overnight. A shock of this magnitude has yet to be fully assessed in terms of economic impact, but from day one the European microfinance sector demonstrated its adaptability, responsiveness, and resilience.

Having weathered the bulk of the first storm, our industry must now focus on the future, to mitigate the aftershocks and make the most of this uncontrolled seismic shift. New tools, innovative practices, and cutting-edge research are paths to explore to ensure that our sector emerges stronger and can better serve its clients. Incidentally, they are also topics that will be covered in the EMN Annual Conference 2020.

The Conference:

Initially planned for Sofia, Bulgaria, this year’s conference has been turned into a fully online event, to accommodate for the uncertainty surrounding large gatherings. From 13-15 October, a series of focused webinars will bring together various stakeholders for an exchange of views and practices, to challenge long-standing preconceptions, and to resolutely orientate ourselves towards concrete recovery measures for microcredit in a reforming economy.

About this event