Executive Microfinance & Financial Inclusion Academy 2020

Many microfinance institutions are facing increasing competition, tougher regulations or are branching out to embrace new market segments with innovative products. This 2020 Academy seeks to equip participants with technical know‐how in principles of microfinance & financial inclusion, advanced credit risk, digital finance, SME banking, financial analysis & KPIs, innovative product development & pricing strategies, social performance management, regulations & supervisions and a good understanding of current trends in the financial inclusion space.

Course Content:

  • Session 1: Principles of Microfinance & Financial Inclusion in the COVID-19 Era.
  • Session 2: Advanced Credit Risk.
  • Session 3: Financial Analysis.
  • Session 4: Innovative Product Development and Pricing Strategies.
  • Session 5: Strategic Planning.
  • Session 6: Agent Network Management.
  • Session 7: Regulation & Supervision.
  • Session 8: Financial & Social Performance Management.
  • Session 9: Digital Finance.
  • Session 10: SME Banking.
  • Session 11: Way Forward.

Tuition and Accommodation:

  • $3,000
  • Includes:
    • Course fee, all training materials and full‐board accommodation.
    • Handouts, documentation and background literature and a USB device.
    • Airport to the hotel pick up.
    • Two guided Dubai tours on two evenings & a dinner.

About this event

Dubai, UAE
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