Executive Microfinance, Financial Inclusion & Digital Financial Services 2024 Summer Masterclass

This one-week interactive executive training is designed to deepen the understanding of concepts and practices of financial inclusion with focus on advanced credit risk, financial analysis, regulations and supervision, social performance management, digital finance and SME banking. It will offer a holistic perspective to participants about how these models can support women's empowerment, agriculture, livelihoods, value-chain and enterprises in rural and urban areas, and how innovations such as linkage with banks and mobile payment systems can reach millions that are outside the formal banking system.

Course Content:

  • Responsible Microfinance & Financial Inclusion: Towards a New Paradigm Shift, Salient Issues and Tracking Accountable Progress.
  • Strategic Leadership Skills.
  • Financial Analysis, Principles, Techniques & Key Performance Indicators.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy for Microfinance Institutions to Implement an Inclusive Finance Business Model.
  • Attracting Top Notch Investors: What MFIs Must Do.
  • Green Inclusive Finance.
  • Financial & Social Performance Management.

About this event

London, United Kingdom
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