Executive Summer Program on Microfinance

This is an executive education program aimed at providing high-level management and leadership training to those shaping the microfinance industry, including CEOs of leading microfinance institutions and executives of mainstream banks entering the microfinance market. This course will combine lectures, case studies, and use of practical tools to allow participants to appreciate the dynamics of strategy, implementation, and evaluation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Strategic leadership and vision.
  • Organisation core competencies.
  • Developing products that matters.
  • Units model to accelerate growth.
  • McKinsey growth pyramid.
  • Undertaking a health check of your business.
  • Analysis of the MFI industry in Africa.
  • Case study of an MFI that transformed.
  • Strategic alliances within the financial sector.
  • Developing a strategic plan for growth.
  • Funding and getting ready for Investors.

About this event

London, UK
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