FinAccess Datafest

The purpose of the webinar was to demonstrate the power in the FinAccess Household Survey data, commonly referred to as FinAccess. FinAccess is a series of surveys jointly conducted by CBK, KNBS and FSD Kenya every two to three years to establish the level of financial inclusion, as well as to measure the drivers and usage of financial services in Kenya.

Presenters at the online Datafest brought to life clear illustrations of how FinAccess data can be applied in developing solutions to real-life problems using finance. Presentations focused on practical applications of data gleaned from FinAccess, focusing for instance on data-driven support for the innovation of consumer-centric products and enhancement of services; identification of gaps and opportunities in the usage and quality of different financial products; identification of mismatches between existing financial products and financial needs of consumers, and; demographic and geographical divides in usage.