Financial Inclusion in the Era of COVID-19

While the general financial services industry has been affected hugely, much of the same applies to the financial inclusion sector—where all stakeholders ranging from low income clients to MFIs, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), banks and Central Banks have been deeply impacted. It is in this context that this five-day in-person workshop is being organized by. 

Session Plan

  • Day 1: Financial Inclusion in the COVID Era and Practical Implications for Various Stakeholders.
  • Day 2: Building World-Class Financial Institutions (banks, NBFIs, MFIs, fintechs and cooperatives) in the COVID Era. This session will look at Governance, Management Practices,Products, Delivery Mechanisms, etc.
  • Day 3: Building Resilient and Adaptive Agriculture Value Chains in the COVID Era.
  • Day 4: Bridging the Digital Divide and Ushering in Seamless Digitization in the COVID Era.
  • Day 5: Adapting to the New Normal in Regulation and Supervision and Wrap Up Discussions.

Workshop Format

Every session will use experiential learning in a safe, sanitized and socially-distanced environment. Hand sanitizers and masks will be available. The training halls will be disinfected daily. There will be regular temperature checks as well. Thus, the workshop will be conducted in an extremely safe and secure manner. The workshop will follow the following generic format: Facilitator presentation, small group exercises, group presentation and discussions and wrap up.

About this event

Dubai, UAE
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