Financing Development: Navigating the Landscape of Financial Instruments and Mechanisms

The aim of this course is to build the capacity of various actors in understanding the changing context of financing development as well as issues of design and applicability of various financing mechanisms in support of the SDGs. The course also brings together some of the key learnings and practices for designing and implementing financing mechanisms for development.

Course Content:

  • Module 1: Current development and need for financing. This module covers ongoing discussions in the area of financing development. Key concepts and definitions, sources of financing, the role of public and private sectors will be discussed along with various initiatives and dialogues taking place at the global level.
  • Module 2: SDG Financing enabling environment. INFFs. In this modules the Integrated National financing Frameworks will be introduced and discussed along with other SDG finance policy processes and tools.
  • Module 3: Financing mechanisms. The module covers the basis and scope of blended finance instruments and mechanisms, accompanied with a deeper look at several selected mechanisms addressing various SDGs.
  • Module 4: Designing a financing mechanism. This final module will cover the process of designing the mechanisms, along with lessons learned regarding development of proposals with an inclusion of a blended finance instrument.

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