How Analytics Can Help Providers Become More Customer-Centric

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08 May 2019 - 08 May 2019

Khayelitsha craft market. South Africa. Photo Trevor Samson  World Bank

Technology allows us to gather vast amounts of data, which can provide useful information about customers and how they use financial services, their pain points, and what they find useful. At the same time, new tools enable more powerful analysis. In this webinar, which draws on CGAP’s Customer Analytics Toolkit, we will explore various sources of customer data, learn how to use transactional data to build customer insights both for diagnosing current problems and recognizing future opportunities.

The webinar offers you the opportunity to think about the customer analytics journey in your organization and identify key customer-related questions that can be answered with an analytical approach. The webinar will also explore privacy as a pillar of a customer-centric approach to analysis.

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Illana Melzer Illana Melzer is the founder and lead consultant at 71point4, a consultancy focused on bringing data-driven insights and solutions to support the growth of customer focused, transformative sectors in developing economies. This includes banking, consumer credit, housing and healthcare. Clients include think-tanks, government departments as well as private sector companies. Illana has worked extensively across the spectrum of data sources, combining best available data including record level transactions or administrative data, survey data as well as so-called thick data generated by qualitative research methodologies such as focus groups. Prior to starting 71point4, Illana worked at Eighty20 which she founded in 2001, and contributed to CGAP’s Customer Analytics Toolkit.

Claire Hayworth Claire Hayworth is a senior consultant at 71point4. Claire's work focuses on issues related to credit markets, specifically looking at levels of indebtedness, affordable housing and financial inclusion. Recent projects include using survey data from various countries in Africa to identify and populate meaningful demand-side indicators relating to digital financial services, and analyzing transactional data generated by an inter-bank switch to understand customer transactions behavior. Claire has a Business Science degree, specializing in Marketing from the University of Cape Town and is a student at the Digital Frontiers Institute.

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