IDEO.org on Their Women and Money CICO Research

FinEquity Webinar IDEO org on their Comparative Women and Money Research 20191105

In this webinar recording, FinEquity’s technology working group lead, Katie Highet, leads a discussion with Mary Katika, IDEO.org’s Program Director for Women & Money. 

The conversation focuses on the findings in IDEO.org’s latest publication: Insights and a Path to Close the Gender Gap, which examines women’s use of Digital Financial Services (DFS), with an emphasis on cash-in-cash-out (CICO) transactions across India, Nigeria, Northern Kenya, Tanzania, and Bangladesh. 

In September 2018, IDEO.org, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, set out on an eight-month project during which they conducted human-centered design research with 400 people, including almost 250 women across six contexts (with a focus on rural areas: Bangladesh, India, Northern Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania.) 

The findings present some key challenges women face and the power and workarounds they are often able to find. The report suggests design opportunities for the financial sector, policymakers and regulators, the philanthropic sector, NGOs, and others wanting to help women in developing countries access opportunities offered by the digital economy.



Mary Katica, IDEO.org

Mary Katica

Institution :

Mary Katica leads projects for IDEO.org’s Women and Money program. With a focus on services and products, Mary helps set the creative vision for the project teams, builds partner human-centered design capacity, and designs medium-agnostic services and experiences that drive impact. Prior to joining IDEO.org, Mary focused her career on exploring using design to create better health care experiences and outcomes. As a designer at Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy, Mary used design to bring joy to patients and staff members— designing new experiences and services with business partners across the organization.

Catherine Highet, FinEquity

Catherine Highet

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Catherine Highet leads the technology working group at FinEquity, facilitated by CGAP. Prior to this role, she worked with the GSMA Connected Women program and FHI 360, focusing on digital inclusion activities, including DFS, digital literacy and gender equality. Catherine has also consulted for several digital development partners in the public and private sector including IREX, Mozilla and Souktel.