Impact at Risk: Credit Risk Management in Asset Finance

From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Indian sub-continent, asset finance and leasing companies are doing innovative work to finance solar home systems, smartphones, motorbikes, and other critical assets. These companies provide credit to low-income and informal borrowers who are traditionally underserved by formal financial institutions. But many are new to lending and do not always have deep experience in organizing a credit operation, mitigating risk throughout a credit transaction, or managing a portfolio of loans or leases. This has important implications for their ability to achieve financial sustainability and drive impact at scale.

This webinar will offer participants a first look at the findings from CGAP’s global review of credit risk management practices in asset finance. Based on partnerships with over 15 asset finance companies from across Africa and Asia, CGAP will share insights into the current state of credit risk management in the sector and steps that companies can take to professionalize their credit operations. The webinar will also bring together industry leaders and risk experts to discuss the importance of managing credit risk and share lessons from their own experience.

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