Innovative Data Collection in the Time of COVID-19

Adapting and changing your approaches to research during the time of COVID-19

The webinar (recording) focuses on some of the learning shared as part of the Openi2i learning series on data collection innovations and adaptations with specific attention to how they have been applied under COVID-19. This includes learnings around:

  • Adaption of research approaches that involve face-to-face work.
  • The COVID-19 Livelihoods Tracking Survey and SMS survey data collection.
  • The challenges of working with transaction data and accessing data remotely via Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

The webinar is moderated by Cenfri Technical Director and insight2impact program lead, Hennie Bester and features the following speakers:

  • Anne Maftei, Learning Manager (Mastercard Foundation Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab).
  • Sharon Njavika, Senior Behavioral Designer (Dalberg).
  • Isabelle Carboni, Senior Engagement Manager – Measurement (Cenfri and insight2impact).
  • Shirley Jeoffreys, Survey and Data Researcher (FMT and insight2impact).

The webinar takez an interactive format with short presentations from the panel followed by a Q&A session. 

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