Introducing Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre

Resource from the Agriculture Finance Support Facility (AgriFin)

The webinar features the Rural Finance and Investment Learning Centre (RFILC), a web platform providing cutting-edge knowledge resources for the promotion of rural and agricultural finance and investment in developing countries.

The RFILC, is managed by the FAO and supported by the CABFIN partnership, a donor collaboration group between IFAD, FAO, UNCDF, GIZ and the World Bank. It provides access to resources including policy guides, country research publications, on-line training sessions and training materials with the aim of strengthening clients' capacity to deliver improved financial sector policies and services for rural enterprises and households.

During this webinar, Emilio Hernandez, Agricultural Finance Officer at FAO talked about the key features of the RFILC and some of the research and training initiatives currently feeding its content. The discussion focused on how financial institutions can benefit from using the information disseminated by the RFILC. 


Mr. Emilio Hernandes, Agricultural Economist, Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations



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