National Financial Inclusion Strategy: Development, Best Practices, Implementation and Policy

This training is designed to help officials engaged in various aspects of National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) to enhance their knowledge, skills and capacity to optimally achieve desirable national targets of financial inclusion via learning assessment, monitoring, implementation and adapting NFIS if and when needed.  

Course Content:

  1. An overview of NFIS.
  2. NFIS Development.
  3. Data and Diagnostics.
  4. NFIS Template and Key Components.
  5. Operationalizing NFIS -1
  6. Operationalizing NFIS -2
  7. Policy Area -1 (Digital Payments).
  8. Policy Area -2 (Financial Consumer Protection).
  9. Policy Area -3 (Credit Infrastructure).
  10. NFIS Assessment-1.
  11. NFIS Assessment-2.
  12. Challenges and Opportunities of NFIS.
  13. Lessons Learnt.

About this event

Dubai, UAE
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