Regulations, Supervisions & Corporate Governance For Microfinance Managers

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London, United Kingdom
16 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019
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Over the last five decades, Financial Services have aspired to reach the excluded and in so doing, have formed credit organizations which have continued to evolve as financial service providers (FSPs) in the form of microcredit entities, or credit unions or licensed MFIs or fintechs or other variations. The emergence of the assorted FSPs, many of which have continued to transform, have to comply with changing regulations and supervisions (external requirements) AND adopt Sound Governance within their own organizations (internal mechanisms). To be effective, the FSPs should have proper structures at various levels that enable them to remain robust and attain their goals.

This one-week training course will benefit those who aspire to understand the importance of regulations, supervisions and corporate governance.

Target Audience:

Microfinance and Microcredit Practitioners, Regulatory Officers, Potential Financial/Social Investors, Senior Managers in MFIs, Senior Managers in NGO's, Senior Managers in Socially Responsible Investment Firms, Independent Practitioners, Consulting Firms, Central Bank Officials and Donor Agencies, Academics.

Course Content:

  • Principles and Evolution of Microfinance and Financial Inclusion.
  • Importance of Ratios and KPIs for Risk Assessment.
  • Expanding Range of Products and Consideration of Institutional Transformation.
  • Governmental Rules and Regulations.
  • Regulations and Supervision (continued).
  • Effective Management, Governance and Internal Controls.
  • Case Study.
  • Trends and Overview.

Fees & Expenses: $2,500.00 before 30 August 2019. Includes accommodation with satellite, internet connectivity, meals, course material and airport pick‐up, certificate of participation and networking opportunities.

Registration Deadline: 
30 Aug 2019
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[email protected]
United Kingdom