Remittances in Times of Crisis: Response, Recovery and Resilience – Dialogue to Implementation

IFAD and its partners are convening a series of virtual events (eGFRID) entitled Remittances in times of crisis: Response, recovery and resilience – Dialogue to Implementation. These events are intended to facilitate the coordination and engagement needed for the implementation of the remittance-related policy options as identified by Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond.

The Dialogue to Implementation series has two major objectives:

  • First, to inform the global community of the evolving impact of the crisis on the remittance ecosystem and its beneficiaries, and to gather and disseminate best practices across the remittance community; and
  • Second, to identify necessary actions for sectors to undertake in order to ensure a timely and effective implementation of recommended measures and actions.

The Dialogue to Implementation series will be structured around three specific tracks: (i) remittance families and development; (ii) the private sector and (iii) the enabling environment.

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