Responsible Finance Forum (RFF): Bridging Inclusion and Innovation to Improve People’s Lives

The digital revolution has reshaped society, making critical services — especially financial solutions— more accessible. Yet, complex challenges persist. Approximately one third of the global population remains offline, threatening to exacerbate inequities between and within countries, and for consumers who have gained access, rising consumer protection risks such as fraud, data misuse, cyber-risks, and vulnerabilities produced by debt stress threaten to reverse progress by eroding financial health and re-excluding people from formal financial systems.

Today, building people’s resilience is not enough. Rather, we must work to help people improve their lives by preventing them from experiencing harms and building their trust to use formal financial services. Before digital financial services took the main stage, we addressed inclusive finance consumer protection risks by examining financial service providers’ behaviors and implementing guardrails through formal regulations and guidelines. However, this is no longer sufficient and there is now a growing need to examine how we design the digital building blocks that enable the delivery of financial services — Digital Public Infrastructure — and ensure that these systems can withstand shocks while continuing to innovate and meet future needs.  

The 2024 Responsible Finance Forum in Fortaleza, Brazil will kickstart the conversations needed to spark systems-level change and achieve the responsible and equitable delivery of quality financial services, all while aiming to obtain the desired outcomes of safety, choice, trust, voice, and improved financial health for consumers. 

As the official side event to the 2nd GPFI event, participants will have the opportunity to learn from local innovators in Brazil and engage in discussions on emerging consumer risks in the sector.

About this event

Fortaleza, Brazil