South Asia - Financial Inclusion Training (S-FIT)

South Asia’s Financial Inclusion Training (S-FIT) is a four-day residential training that aims to bring together a diverse group of professionals from across the world especially from South Asia region representing microfinance banks, non-bank microfinance companies, donors, regulators, and investors under one roof to participate in a series of interactive and informative sessions. The event offers one of the largest platforms providing a great opportunity for peer-learning experience and building a strong network of professional contacts.

Key Features:

  • Training workshop sessions focusing on enhancing management skills in key areas such as product development, risk management, climate change adaptation, digital transformation, leadership, policy dialogue, and financial analysis.
  • Power talks featuring industry leaders, providing participants with insights into emerging trends in financial inclusion, climate change adaptation, and microfinance, as well as invaluable lessons in transformational leadership.
  • Recreational activities allowing participants to unwind, explore Dubai, and forge connections with peers from diverse regions.

About this event

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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