Transformation of Food Supply Chains: What Every Agricultural Banker Should Know

Resource from the Agriculture Finance Support Facility (AgriFin)

Did you know that food value chains in Asia and Africa are going through dramatic changes? Modernization and more effective use of technologies have led to better rural-urban integration and fewer middlemen.

To learn why this matters for financial institutions, listen to this webinar with Professor Thomas Reardon of Michigan State University. Professor Reardon is a world-renowned expert on food industry transformation with extensive experience in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In this webinar, Reardon discussed opportunities for commercial banks to extend financing to food value chains in these regions.   

In the webinar, audiences explored business opportunities for their institutions arising from the transformation of food value chains. Professor Reardon identified segments within value chains where financing needs are substantial and likely to yield the best business results for commercial banks. 


Thomas Reardon, Professor of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, USA




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