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External Webinar

First Insights From China: The Effects of COVID-19 on Financial Health of MSEs

BFA Global and the Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI) come together to present the early insights from CAFI’s research on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the financial health of micro and small enterprises.

FinDev Webinar

How To Get the Most Out of the New FinDev Gateway

Join us for a conversation on how you can leverage the newly redesigned FinDev Gateway and its regional platforms in French, Spanish, and Arabic to expand your outreach, share ideas, and connect with your peers.

External Webinar -

Experiences in Integrated Risk Management

This webinar will present the experiences of four partners who are developing savings-linked risk management solutions to help members better manage risks related to health, calamity and life.

External Webinar

Learning From Previous Crisis

Using a previous crisis from Andhra Pradesh, India as a case study, the webinar will explain what this crisis will unfold for microfinance institutions worldwide.

External Webinar

SPTF Social Investor Working Group: Special Session to Coordinate Responses on COVID

External Webinar

Covid-19 Coping Strategies for the Microfinance Ecosystem

Training -

Title Microfinance Acceleration Program


    External Webinar

    Leadership in Crisis

    Exploring various leadership models, this webinar will give some insights on how leaders can manage this crisis caused by coronavirus. 

    External Webinar

    EaSI Technical Assistance: Supporting Actions for Roma & Traveller Populations

    This webinar aims at presenting different approaches to meet the financial needs of Roma & traveler populations.