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External Webinar

Webinar on Financial Inclusion, Financial Consumer Protection and Fin Lit in Asia and the Pacific

Representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia offer their perspectives on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the personal financial situation of financial consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

External Webinar

Women-Owned Enterprises Amid COVID-19: Strategies to Support Their Survival, Revival, and Recovery

This webinar featured a conversation with three young women entrepreneurs from across Africa and Asia to provide ground-up insights, and lessons learned while navigating their enterprises through COVID-19.

External Webinar

How Can Data Open Opportunity for Women During and After COVID-19?

Hear from leaders of three financial service providers and fintechs about their successes and challenges in gathering and analyzing data in ways that specifically address the evolving needs of women during the COVID-19 pandemic.

External Webinar

Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: Navigating the Next Chapter

External Webinar

Supervising the New Normal: On-Site Supervision – Early Lessons and Challenges Ahead

A webinar with Kuben Naidoo and Maurene Simms moderated by Clive Briault, Banking Advisory Board Chair of the Toronto Centre.

External Webinar

Microfinance and the Poor in Times of Crisis

How are MFIs helping poor people during the COVID-19 pandemic?
External Webinar

Supervising the New Normal: A New Guide to Navigate the Pandemic

This webinar focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on the financial system. The speakers also discuss emerging trends for supervising the new normal.

FinDev Webinar

What Is the Future of Microfinance?

What does the COVID-19 crisis mean for the future of microfinance? Should MFIs take digital transformation more seriously? What will it take to get them there? And what is at stake if they don’t modernize?

External Webinar

The Importance of Migrants' Remittances in a Time of Crisis

This webinar discussed ways of improving data-collection for remittances, making transfers easier and cheaper using new technologies, and maximizing the impact of remittances.