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Customer-Centric Business Models in Financial Inclusion

Although 1.2 billion mobile and bank accounts were opened from 2011 to 2017, the majority lag in usage.  Customers are experiencing little value in using these accounts, while providers are not understanding the needs of poor customers. This results in irrelevant design and poor delivery of financial services, and accounts with little value for the customers. To address this issue, CGAP partnered with several technical and financial service providers to build the Guide for Customer-Centric Business Models.  With the Guide as the leading resource, the webinar series will share key insights, tools and case studies highlighting financial service providers, who have partnered with CGAP on their journey towards customer centricity. 


Hosted by Social Performance Task Force (SPTF): How Analytics Can Help Providers Become More Customer-Centric  

Past Webinars

FinDev Webinar

Change Management: Business Opportunity in Customer Centricity

This webinar recording explores challenges and offers guidance on how organizations can use the change management process to achieve customer centricity.

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FinDev Webinar

Empowering Employees and Agents to Deliver Valuable Customer Experience

Employees and agents play an important role in shaping customer's experience. Learn how managers can equip them to deepen customer relationships.  

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