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Creating a Resilient New Normal for Savings Groups

World Vision shares how they are working to support community-level financial institutions and promote grassroots-level transformation of the financial system. 

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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2020

In 2020, the FinDev Blog was more active than ever before, with regular COVID-19 updates and a plethora of posts digging into the pandemic's impact and how to get through it.


Top Ten Publications of 2020

The global financial inclusion community was hungry for resources on the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020: seven out of the top ten publications were directly related to COVID-19.


FinDev COVID-19 Update | 31 Dec 2020 - 13 Jan 2021

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past two weeks

“Covid-19” image by Prachatai on Unsplash. Used with permission.

COVID-19 Resource Hub

This collective space brings together the latest news, publications, blogs, events and other resources that organizations are sharing as we all struggle to manage this unprecedented global crisis. We invite you to include your resources by sharing your work on FinDev Gateway.


Launched in June and running through December 2020, the CGAP Global Pulse Survey of Microfinance Institutions is the first survey that aims to capture the full picture of COVID-19’s impact on microfinance at the global, regional, and national levels. 

FinDev Blog

Research in Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire provides guidance for DFS providers and regulators on how to help ensure that digital tools make women more - not less - financially included. 

Latest Publications

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Paper / Bank for International Settlements

COVID-19 and Cyber Risk in the Financial Sector

Insights and recommendations for policy makers and businesses to mitigate cyber risks
Paper / World Bank

Cash in the City: Emerging Lessons From Implementing Cash Transfers in Urban Africa

Informing strategic directions for urban social protection
Paper / FinEquity

Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment in Financial Inclusion

A Mapping of relevant measurement tools

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Evaluation and Support for Improving Inclusive Green Finance for MFIs - The Green Index

This webinar recording guides participants through the framework to assess environmental performance of financial inclusion and its operationalization for microfinance institutions.

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