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Business Her Own Way: Creating Livelihoods Through Informal Online Commerce

This Focus Note outlines the characteristics of informal online commerce (IOC), maps the personas of the women who engage in it, and provides guidance to funders looking to support women to generate livelihoods through IOC.


Determinants of Financial Well-Being: Evidence from Latin America


The Mobile Money Prevalence Index (MMPI): A Country-Level Indicator for Assessing the Adoption, Activity and Accessibility of Mobile Money

This paper presents MMPI, a composite index that considers mobile money adoption, activity and accessibility at country level in order to facilitate comparisons between markets.


The Opportunity for Digital and E-commerce Payments in the Pacific Region

This paper explores challenges and opportunities for digital and e-commerce payments in the Pacific Region. Findings from this study are utilized to plan and implement activities that help in enabling inclusive digital economies in the Pacific.

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Using NLP on Social Media to Assess Consumer Risks With Digital Lending Apps in India

This research presents insights on emerging customer risks from digital consumer loans in India, analyzing customer complaints and feedback on Twitter and reviews of digital lending apps on Google Play,


Central Bank Digital Currencies: A Potential Response to the Financial Inclusion Challenges of the Pacific

This policy brief considers whether central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) can promote the accessibility of financial services across the Pacific islands and the design choices involved in their development.

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Digital Transformation to Alleviate Poverty of the Poor People

The objective of this study is to explain the role Al-Amal Microfinance Bank online services played amid the pandemic.


Fintech and Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean

This paper analyzes how governments can leverage rapid expansion of fintech activities to drive financial inclusion in the region.


Human Resource Development Practices in the Microfinance Sector

This publication maps out the current landscape of Human Resource Development practices among MFIs, and sheds light on the relationship between HR practices and MFI performance.


Improving Humanitarian Payments Through Digital Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities

This report offers research-based analysis and practical advice for humanitarian agencies on the advantages and areas for growth of five key financial technologies in digital payments: mobile money, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology (i.e. blockchain), super platforms and QR codes.