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Cash in the City: Emerging Lessons From Implementing Cash Transfers in Urban Africa

Informing strategic directions for urban social protection


CGAP Smallholder Household Data: Analysis and Insights from the National Surveys and Financial Diaries

Insights for FSPs to develop products that help customers manage risks in their day-to-day lives


Financial Literacy Education: Implication on the Economic and Social Life of the Teacher in Ghana

Urging to develop schoolteachers' financial literacy skills


Navigating Through COVID-19: A Snapshot on How the Pandemic Affected MSMEs in Iraq

Country assessment reflecting the impact of the pandemic on banked enterprises


Study of the Situation and Perspectives for Microfinance Sector

Survey of African financial institution executives on their expectations post pandemic


A Research and Learning Agenda for the Impact of Financial Inclusion

Recommendations for funders of impact research, policy makers, and the financial inclusion research community


Adaptive Fund Management in Practice: A Partnership Approach

Learning from the Savings at the Frontier program

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Agent Network Journeys: Country Deep Dives

Detailed country case studies on the agent network journey

Agricultural Finance and the Youth: Prospects for Financial Inclusion in Kenya

Comprehensive assessment of the state of financial inclusion of the rural youth