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FinDev Gateway

FinDev Gateway, previously known as Microfinance Gateway, is CGAP’s independent knowledge platform where the global financial inclusion community comes together to share lessons and ideas on making financial services work for poor people.

The platform is a public good available to anyone interested in financial inclusion.

In addition to the English site serving a global audience, FinDev has three regional platforms in French, Spanish and Arabic, which focus on their respective audiences in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Arab world.

How does the FinDev Gateway enable knowledge sharing?

  • The Gateway Exchange, our biweekly newsletter, offers the latest updates on financial inclusion. You can join over 20,000 recipients globally by signing up to receive the Exchange in English, French, Spanish or Arabic.
  • FinDev Gateway sites attract over 1 million annual visits and house over 10,000 papers, case studies and toolkits curated by our team or submitted by financial inclusion practitioners.  
  • The Gateway Blog serves as a forum for sharing diverse perspectives, ideas and approaches on key financial inclusion issues.
  • Gateway Interviews offer insights from financial inclusion experts on the most important challenges facing the sector.
  • Partnerships with key organizations help us keep content relevant and up-to-date.
  • Gateway Webinars enable practitioners to share lessons and participate in discussions with their peers.
  • Women’s Financial Inclusion COP connects over 400 organizations across nearly 60 countries.
  • Daily listing of key training and events and jobs offered globally.
  • Gateway LinkedIn Community makes peer-to-peer networking easy.

How can you contribute?

FinDev Gateway offers a unique opportunity to organizations and individuals to expand their outreach and visibility of their work. Sharing your knowledge and resources on FinDev Gateway is easy and free of charge.

Here are some key ways in which you can share your knowledge:

Learn more about sharing on FinDev Gateway.

Meet our team

FinDev Gateway is managed by a team of professionals from around the world, who curate and develop the site's content in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.