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Free Online Seminar Series: Leading the Recovery - Sustainable Finance Beyond the Pandemic

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Strategic Leadership Course on How to Build World Class Financial Institutions

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Making Microfinance Work: Managing Product Diversification

External Webinar

Open Webinar - Directed Lending for SMEs: How to Make It Work

External Webinar

Future-Proof Aid Policy

This webinar offers a deep dive on the best practices for developing tech solutions and delivering digital cash assistance to people in emerging economies.

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Microfinance Acceleration Program

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Financing Decent Work

FinDev Webinar

Introducing the PAYGo PERFORM Key Performance Indicators

This webinar introduces the PAYGo Performance, Reporting and Measurement (PERFORM) KPIs,  designed to align companies, investors and other stakeholders around common financial and operational reporting standards that promote transparency and help companies to benchmark and improve their performance.

External Webinar

Member Spotlight With Jumo: Fintech for Formalization of West Africa’s SMEs

COP Webinar

From Commitments to Action, The UNCDF Gender and Inclusive Digital Economies “Playbook”

This interactive session will introduce participants to the Inclusive Digital Economies & Gender Playbook, highlighting the experiences of practitioners who have successfully deployed some of the interventions in the Playbook.