FinDev Gateway, previously known as Microfinance Gateway, is CGAP’s independent knowledge platform where the global financial inclusion community comes together to share the latest research, lessons and ideas on making financial services work for people experiencing poverty. 

The platform is a public good housed at CGAP and the World Bank and is available to anyone interested in financial inclusion. Watch this video to learn more.

How We Work

FinDev Gateway hosts the largest, free collection of online resources on microfinance and financial inclusion. More than 1,700 organizations publish their content on FinDev Gateway, sharing their research, news, events and jobs with the global financial inclusion community. All content submitted to the FinDev Gateway follows our editorial guidelines and is subject to review by the FinDev editorial team before publishing.

In addition to the English site serving a global audience, FinDev has three regional platforms in FrenchSpanish and Arabic, which focus on their respective audiences in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Arab world.

We Engage and Connect

FinDev Gateway offers several ways in which microfinance and financial inclusion practitioners can engage and connect with each other.  


FinDev Blog

Our blog features interviews and blog posts from financial inclusion practitioners around the world. In this community space, a growing number of blog contributors share lessons learned, new ideas, and upcoming research from the field.


FinDev Webinars

Our webinars bring together members of the global financial inclusion community through online presentations and discussions delivered by the world’s leading financial inclusion experts.


Communities of Practice

As an independent knowledge-sharing platform, FinDev provides a neutral space for communities of practice (COPs), such as FinEquity, to convene and share their diverse ideas, resources, and lessons on a wide range of topics related to financial inclusion.



Every year we partner with organizations hosting some of the most important and innovative events in the financial inclusion space to highlight the latest trends and topics of conversation in the field. We also partner with organizations that specialize on specific topics who help us keep the content on our topic pages relevant and up-to-date.


FinDev Exchange

Our biweekly newsletter offers the latest updates on financial inclusion. You can join over 20,000 recipients globally by signing up to receive the Exchange in English, French, Spanish or Arabic.


FinDev Gateway Community on LinkedIn

The FinDev Gateway Community group on LinkedIn enables practitioners to connect with peers from around the world. You can join our global community group in English, or the regional communities in French, Spanish or Arabic.


We encourage all of our users to share their knowledge, lessons learned and ideas with the rest of the community. It is free and easy to share content on FinDev Gateway. Learn More>