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Beyond Green Finance: Client-Centric Strategies for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

There has never been a better moment in history to identify climate adaptation solutions and make the much-needed transition towards regenerative economic systems. Here are five key steps for financial service providers.
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Beyond “The Poor”: Using Empowering Narratives to Advance the Impacts of Aid

Three reasons why the development community should lead the shift away from using language that emphasizes people’s deficits, and model how we can do better.
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Growing Climate Risk in Africa: How Can Financial Inclusion Help?

Advans Ghana shares three steps FSPs should take to support the small businesses and farmers who are increasingly impacted by extreme climate events.
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Responsible Equity Exits: Lessons From Cambodia

What can impact investors learn from Taylor Swift? Ensure their investments end up in good hands when it's time to sell.
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Strange Bedfellows? Why Fintechs and MFIs Are Actually the Perfect Match

More than a decade of successful MFI-fintech partnerships have proven that the two can be much more than "frenemies." Here are seven success factors for great partnerships.
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Women's Financial Inclusion: A Guide to Knowledge Resources

To mark International Women's Day 2024, this guide shares the latest blogs and publications on financial services that work for women.
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Humanitarian Aid Meets Fintech

Providing humanitarian aid in emergency situations is fraught with risks and challenges. Here are four ways fintech innovations are helping aid agencies streamline delivery and manage risks.
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Four Major Challenges Faced by Mobile Money Users in Senegal

As access to digital finance grows, so do the risks. A concrete action plan involving all stakeholders is needed to address them.
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In Times of Crisis, Who Holds the Lifeline for Microfinance Institutions and Their Clients?

Youssef Fawaz of the Lebanese MFI Al Majmoua, shares the difficult reality of trying to keep an established institution running while the economy collapses around it.
FinDev Guide

Resilient Rural Women: A Guide to Knowledge Resources

This guide points readers to relevant resources that shed light on rural women’s exposure to climate change and emerging solutions that help them adapt and build their resilience.