Webinar Series

Digital Transformation: How Microfinance Institutions Can Embrace Technology

As technology transforms the world, microfinance institutions grapple with fundamental questions on how to adapt, what strategies to pursue, and how to best equip themselves to successfully digitize. We explore all these aspects of digital transformation in a series of three webinars.

Webinar Recordings

FinDev Webinar

The Role of Technology in Digital Transformation

This webinar provides insights into how MFIs should think about technology, the kind of IT infrastructure they need to digitize, and ways to overcome issues related to legacy operating systems.

FinDev Webinar

Making Change Happen: Lessons From Microfinance Institutions

In this webinar recording, our speakers share first-hand experiences on how they got their employees to buy into the idea of transformation and how they provided staff training to ensure they had the necessary skills.

FinDev Webinar

Laying the Groundwork for Digital Transformation

To digitize successfully, microfinance institutions need to have a clear vision about why the transformation is needed and what should be done to prepare for such sweeping changes.