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Gateway Guide to Green Microfinance

Highlighting the pursuit of financial inclusion for environmental sustainability
A Woman showing houseplants she cultivates. Photo by Vikash Singh CGAP Photo Contest 2015

Green Microfinance is the application of microfinance to promote not only financial inclusion and social empowerment, but also environmental sustainability. Environmental protection is a critical issue for people living in poverty as they are often the hardest hit by climate change, sea level rising, and severe weather. Green microfinance attempts to incorporate a third bottom line while maintaining positive financial and social performance.

In this Gateway Guide we’ll take a look at recent literature examining how to make green microfinance work for people, profits, and the planet.

Tools for assessing an organization's environmental sustainability

Social Performance Indicators Tool (SPI4)

Assessment tool for MFIs on the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

Assessing Green Microfinance: Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators for Measuring Environmental Performance

Highlighting the integration of green quantitative microfinance indicators into reporting standards

The Green Index: An Innovative Tool to Assess the Environmental Performance of MFIs

Examining environmental engagement of an MFI

Focus on climate change

Microfinance and Climate Change

Bridging academic research with field practice

Climate Change: The Impact and Challenges for Global Agricultural Markets

Shaun Ferris of CRS discusses the impacts of climate change on rural and agricultural markets globally

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