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Gateway Guide to Youth Financial Inclusion

New and updated resources on financial services for children and youth
Youth with cellphone, Bhutan. Photo credit: Anindya Majumdar, 2017 CGAP Photo Contest.

Why is financial inclusion for children and youth important? What are the barriers to financial inclusion for young people? Can providing youth financial services be sustainable for financial service providers?

These are some of the frequently asked questions which are answered on the Gateway’s newly updated Youth and Children topic page, developed in collaboration with Child and Youth Finance International. Besides the FAQs, the new resources also include a list of Recommended Reading and a guide to the various resources available on the topic, from  international guidelines, recommendations and principles, to organizations, programs, campaigns and initiatives all related to youth financial inclusion.

In this Gateway Guide, we present you with the latest publications on youth financial services, entrepreneurship and employment, and financial education.


Exploring the Economic and Social Motivations for Child and Youth Friendly Banking: Practices from Georgia, Lebanon, Tanzania and Yemen

Survey findings on the decision-making factors for providers serving the youth market

Children and Finance: Consumer Protection and Security of Savings and Payments

Overview of recommendations, guidelines and best practices

Safer Payment Products for Minors: Guiding Minors Towards Financial Autonomy

Guide to 10 recommended practices in developing payment products for youth


Financing Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities

How banks and other financial institutions for expanding their financing of entrepreneurial youth operating in the agricultural space.

Youth Economic Opportunity Ecosystem Analysis: Uganda Country Report

Comprehensive assessment of youth employment and demand for financial services

Exploring the Linkages Between Youth Financial Inclusion and Job Creation: Evidence From the ILO School-to-Work Transition Surveys

Analysis of new data on youth access to finance and employment


Effectiveness and Sustainability of Social and Financial Education for Youth

Findings based on 28 studies in 20 countries conducted since 2011

Insights into Financial Behavior and Knowledge of Children and Youth in Selected Countries from South-Eastern Europe

Survey findings on youth financial literacy, money management and attitudes

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