Designing a Demand-Side Survey? What You Need to Know Before You Begin

Cenfri invites you to attend a webinar on demand-side survey design, to help you ensure that the data you are collecting is meaningful.

No matter what method you use to obtain demand-side insights, you need to ensure that you can render good quality data. This Openi2i webinar will focus on good survey design practices, the importance of piloting surveys and using techniques like cognitive testing. The webinar will explore:

  • Good practices and principles to follow when designing demand-side surveys.
  • How to ensure quantitative surveys resonate with the respondents.

This webinar is relevant to those interested in survey design, those currently working in survey design and development, or those who will be working on survey design in the near future.


  • Moderator: Isabelle Carboni, Cenfri Senior Engagement Manager and insight2impact Measurement Lead.
  • Bobby Berkowitz, Demand-Side Survey Specialist, FinMark Trust and insight2impact.
  • Iske Van Den Berg, Consultant, Corporate Research Consultancy and Cenfri Associate.
  • Kate Rinehart-Smit, Senior Associate, Cenfri.

This interactive webinar includes short presentations from the panel followed by a Q&A session. If you have questions you would like addressed during the webinar, please email them [email protected] ahead of time.

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