Financing Coffee Replanting in Colombia

Resource from the Agriculture Finance Support Facility (AgriFin)

This AgriFin webinar features the experience of Colombia in developing a program that helps small scale coffee producers replant aging coffee trees. Through this program coffee growers are able to access financing from banks on favorable terms.

The program is led by the Federation of Coffee Producers (FNC) and implemented in coordination with the national agricultural financing fund (FINAGRO).

Our invited speakers, discussed the following:

  • Motivation behind the coffee replanting program
  • Key features of the program and its financing aspects
  • Implementation costs, results to date, and lessons learned


Andrés Lozano Karanauskas, Advisor to the President, Banco Agrario, Colombia

Luz Diaz Rios, Senior Agribusiness Specialist, The World Bank

Santiago Silva Restrepo, Economist, New York University


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